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Teflon® & Fluoropolymer bags

Teflon® Bags
Bags made with Teflon® film are ideal for unique applications. Bags made with Teflon® film have special properties such as: extremely non-stick, highly chemically inert, high temperature resistance, cryogenically stable, autoclavable and are virtually clear. Welch Fluorocarbon's Bags made with Teflon® film are available in Teflon® PFA film, Teflon® FEP film and Modified PTFE film. For more information on bags made with Teflon® visit the Welch Fluorocarbon fluoropolymer bag page.

Teflon® PFA Bag
Bags Made With Teflon® PFA Film
Bags Made With FEP Film
Modified PTFE Bag
Bags Made With Modified PTFE