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FEP Bags

Teflon® FEP Bags
With the same benefits as other fluoropolymer (PFA, Modified PTFE) bags our FEP Bags also have a lower maximum operating temperature of 392°F (200°C). Welch Fluorocarbon's FEP Bags are an ideal choice as a cryogenic container, cryogenic bag, and are highly impact and tear resistant. Welch Fluorocarbon's FEP Bags come in numerous sizes so click below to order your FEP Bags direct from the manufacturer.

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Bag Made With Teflon® FEP Film
Layflat FEP Bag 13"x12"x.005" (10 PACK)
Your Price: $152.50
Layflat FEP Bag 13"x12"x.005" (10 PACK)
(10 PACK)